2009 NHK Trophy

Brian Joubert bugs. Johnny Weir bugs. Michal Březina bugs. Daisuke Takahashi bugs. Jeremy Abbott bugs slightly less than last year. Adam Rippon bugs. Miki Ando bores. Alena Leonova bores. Ashley Wagner zones out. Rena Inoue and John Baldwin ARE STILL SKATING. Meryl Davis and Charlie White just may have what it takes.

Plus, Liz and Tori rub their crystal balls and predict the future!

3 thoughts on “2009 NHK Trophy

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  2. Dave B.

    Yay Ice Queens! Another fulfilling installment…but now I have a strange yearning to acquire one of those pink argyle vests. WITH sequins, of course, so I can be one of the cool people too. Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. epicdeer Post author

    Dave. You listen to The Ice Queens. You are already one of the cool people.

    (The vest is in the mail.)

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