2010 Winter Olympics (Part 2)

Put on your big shoes, sit by the fireplace, and score a personal best; it’s the Olympics!

In the podcast below, we discuss Ice Dancing:

Domnina and Shabalin, Davis and White, Belbin and Agosto, Virtue and Moir, Delobel and Schoenfelder, and Samuelson and Bates.

And the ladies:

Joannie Rochette, Mirai Nagasu, Miki Ando, Rachael Flatt, Kim Yu-Na, Mao Asada, and Carolina Kostner.

4 thoughts on “2010 Winter Olympics (Part 2)

  1. Alisa

    You’re so right about Yu-Na. Her spirals and spins definitely are a bit weak, relatively speaking, but the scores never reflect that. When she wins, she definitely deserves it, but I don’t see the point in overscoring her on elements she clearly has a weakness on. This happens often, in all skating disciplines… Once there is a clear winner, the judges will try very hard to give that person a huge score. The only thing I can think of is that the judges may think having a skater breaking world records all the time is more exciting for the audience.

  2. Jonathan, the exquisite dominator on the ice

    Hey Ice Queens, love your podcast! The Olympic review was great and hilarious. You are basically having the same conversations and gossiping I regularly have with my best friend about skating, actually! And I thought we were the only ones!

    By the way, in Canada, we got like super good coverage on the Olympics, because they were held in our country, of course. I could actually watch any event of any sport online in HD at any time, and even this week they’re still up. Live scores were being updated, the full judge score sheets were there too, it was pretty awesome. But this also means I got to see the most horrendous programs that NBC selectively refused to show, as in, the bottom people.

    Let me just tell you that, in case you haven’t been able to see her (and idk why you’d bother anyway), Carolina Kostner’s LP was a disaster. She basically was sitting down on the ice. I think she had 4 or 5 falls, she basically only landed a single axel combination and she had a 0 GoE… On her last fall, she almost took like 4 seconds to get back up.

    BTW, did you hear that fuss about the French Canadian commentators who said Johnny Weir was a bad example for male skating and that he should take a gender test and maybe skate with the girls? And that he had to share a room with Belbin in Vancouver?

    They’re also saying that, over in Russia, they’re calling Plushenko (vomit)’s medal “platinum”. that’s right. Not silver! Platinum! Another thing I read is that, at the podium ceremony, Plushenko stepped onto the first Gold step of the podium, then did a stupid face and walked down to the 2nd place. They had to force him to do the victory lap, after which he fled and took off his medal from his neck as soon as he left the ice.

    God I love skating. It’s like, crazy good art and athletics + personal drama!

    You girls should totally do a gossip podcast after the season is over! Anyway, enough monologuing.

  3. AC

    You guys are waaaay too hard on Yuna. The only thing you can criticize are her spins and spirals; you give only grudging praise to My Girl for all her other qualities, not the least of which is amazing presentation and choreography, which even once-in-four-year fans can appreciate.

    True, Yuna’s spins and spirals and extension could improve, but she has great jumps, speed, choreography, and unbelievable “it” on the ice that makes even my macho cousins stop and say, “WHO IS THAT?”

    “THAT” is good for the sport. You shouldn’t be so hard on her. More appreciation for her genius and flawless execution under what Jim Lampley says is the most stressful event in all of sports, please.

    Otherwise… great, fun, snarky listening!!! Keep up the good work, I’ll miss you guys in the off season.

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