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2010 Worlds – The Lost Episode!

Recently, I had to go up in the attic to install a solar-powered rooftop garden and tire recycling center. In the corner of this long forgotten hell pit of heat, dust, and insulation, I literally stumbled upon a trunk. When I came to after the ensuing concussion, I pried it open, thinking it might contain Google stock certificates or, at least, my youth. Instead what it held was…


Not the actual trunk.Â

Have you been wondering why The Ice Queens didn’t cover the 2010 Worlds? Well, so have we! We thought we recorded a show, but none of us could remember what happened to the Master Tapes. And, as any fan of Give My Regards to Broad Street (i.e. everyone) can tell you, Master Tapes are insanely valuable. Valuable enough to be capitalized at all times.

I immediately knew what I had to do — post that episode! And, after a few weeks, I got around to doing it. So, stop calling, everyone on Earth. Here it is.

The 2010 Worlds

Johnny Weir hangs out in the NBCU loft. Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto can’t wait to talk about their competition.

Pang & Tong emote. Savchenko & Szolkowy clown around, but without any heart. Kavaguti & Smirnov move to Splat City.

Daisuke Takahashi invests. Patrick Chan gets inflated. Brian Joubert is gooood lookin’. Jeremy Abbott debuts new guestures. Adam Rippon generates a tiny bit of excitement. Ryan Bradley misses The Ice Queens magic.

Virtue & Moir – Canadian for Magical & Dreamy. Davis & White duke it out. Faiella & Scali hit the snooze bar. Samuelson & Bates are Number 9!

Mirai Nagasu roughs it up. Rachael Flatt pops. Laura Lepistö skates small, scores big. Mao Asada pleases Toyota. Kim Yu-Na proves that South Korea is too heavy to carry on her shoulders.

And we give you a shout-out. See you in October!