The 2012 United States Figure Skating Championships – Part 2

IQ breakfast

Breakfast with The Ice Queens

Reporting and recording from the U.S. Nationals in San Jose, California. Sure, the Ice Network may have Johnny Weir, but you’ve got us!

First up:

The Pairs

Featuring Cain and Reagan, Castelli and Shnapir, Donlan and Speroff, Evora and Ladwig, Marley and Brubaker, and the Frankenteam – Denney and Coughlin.

Followed by:

The Men

Featuring Richard Dornbush, Brandon Mroz, Scott Dyer, Jason Brown, Max Aaron, Keegan Messing, Stephen Carriere, Douglas Razzano, Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Ross Miner, Adam Rippon, and Jeremy Abbott.

Liz and Jason Brown

Plus, celebrity sightings!

And with that, we bid a fond farewell to beautiful San Jose. But we don’t leave alone. We have with us new friends, new memories, and, most importantly, new cocktail recipes. Thanks, Nationals!

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