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2012 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

This season has been so inspirational! For instance, we’ve been inspired to go shopping, see movies, wander the streets aimlessly, anything to not watch figure skating. But some events are just too important to ignore, unfortunately, like the 2012–2013 Grand Prix Final. So, we’re back, with our 6th season premiere episode. We’re taking the gloves off for this one, and we wish Yuzuru Hanyu would, too.

The Men

Daisuke Takahashi bugs us less! Yuzuru Hanyu dresses inappropriately. Patrick Chan doubles his way to the podium. Javier Fernández has “the complete package.”

The Ladies

Mao Asada puts the triple axel in a shoebox and shoves it under her bed. Ashley Wagner also bugs us less! Akiko Suzuki brings the joy. Kiira Korpi catches the Czisny. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva stumps The Gannon. Christina Gao qualifies.


Volosozhar & Trankov will probably keep winning. Bazarova & Larionov keep the Russian dreams alive. Pang & Tong are on the 100-year plan.

Ice Dancing

Davis & White get pushed. Virtue & Moir don’t meet NBC’s requirements for televising.

Looking Ahead

Jeremy Abbott needs to clean up. Ross Miner hangs in there. Adam Rippon gets no coversage. Johnny Weir drops his poker face. Evan Lysacek stays in the shadows. Gracie Gold trains nearby. Agnes Zawadzki and Mirai Nagasu compete. Rachael Flatt needs more schooling. Denney & Coughlin stay together. Hubbell & Donohue get a mention. And the Shibutanis still creep us out a little.