Sochi 2014 – Team Figure Skating – Men’s Short

The Best of Plushenko (Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports)

The Best of Plushenko (Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports)

Hanyu, Evgeny & Chan in that order after the short. Looks like the judges plan on doing everything in their power to keep Plushy in this thing. Of course, Chan didn’t help himself by downgrading the combination jump. I have to believe he has his sights on the men’s title and isn’t really concerned with this stupid team event. Just do enough to get Canada into the final round. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jeremy is trying to kill the queens. What a disaster…fall on the quad and singled the axel!

In other vomit inducing news, Evgeny’s free skate music is “The Best of Plushenko.” It consists of 6 different music selections including The Godfather, Scheherazade & Tosca. He is unreal! Seriously, how are we expected to watch this without laughing?! – Tori

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