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2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Preview

Jason Brown sees his Sochi hotel room.

Jason Brown sees his Sochi hotel room.

We’re excited, yes I said excited, about these Olympics. We have so many questions that need answering. Will Jeremy Abbott get over his nerves? Will the fifth ring from the opening ceremony ever open? Will they please let Jason Brown take another official picture?

But before we get to all that, we must, out of good conscience, talk about the European Championships and the Four Continents.

Javier Fernández wins. Michal Březina, Tomáš Verner, and Brian Joubert should be getting their AARP cards. Florent Amodio ruins our stellar prediction record. Julia Lipnitskaia wins. Carolina Kostner switch hits. Volosozhar & Trankov win, as do Cappellini & Lanotte. Mirai Nagasu and Richard Dornbush go into exile. Kanako Murakami, Takahito Mura, and Sui & Han win. Kayne & O’Shea and Scimeca & Knierim take the silver and bronze. Hubbell & Donohue cycle it up. Aldridge & Eaton make their Ice Queens debut.

Now the Olympics…

Team Event

Figure skating teams up on us. Jeremy Abbott digs. Evgeni Plushenko gets a haircut.

The Pairs

Volosozhar & Trankov are a Frankenpair. Savchenko & Szolkowy probably won’t get the gold this time around, either. Pang & Tong hit the century mark. Duhamel & Radford and Moore-Towers & Moscovitch look good. Stolbova & Klimov will get some experience.


Liz: Volosozhar & Trankov

Tori: Volosozhar & Trankov, Savchenko & Szolkowy, Duhamel & Radford

The Men

Jeremy Abbott likes the ice. Patrick Chan may not run in front anymore. Yuzuru Hanyu jumps it up. Evgeni Plushenko may get overscored. Javier Fernandez does three quads. Daisuke Takahashi gets a pass. Jason Brown should have fun. Denis Ten fights through his illness.


Liz: Yuzuru Hanyu

Tori: Yuzuru Hanyu, Patrick Chan, Javier Fernandez

Ice Dancing

Davis & White should win. Then Virtue & Moir. Bobrova & Soloviev don’t impress Johnny Weir as much as we thought they would. Péchalat & Bourzat deserve to beat them, as do Chock & Bates. And Cappellini & Lanotte. And Weaver & Poje.


Liz: Davis & White

Tori: Davis & White, Virtue & Moir, Bobrova & Soloviev

The Ladies

Kim Yu-na may win, but she won’t like doing it. Mao Asada will be in there. Julia Lipnitskaia may Lipinski in. Carolina Kostner threatens for her birthday. Akiko Suzuki might sneak in. Gracie Gold is our best chance to medal. Ashley Wagner listens to us.


Liz: Julia Lipnitskaia
Tori: Kim Yu-na, Julia Lipnitskaia, Mao Asada.

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